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Anjou is located in the heart of the Loire Valley , the largest site in France listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  as living cultural landscapes.

“Exceptional cultural landscape, it testifies to a harmonious development between man and  its environment over two thousand years of history; it perfectly illustrates the influence of the ideals  of the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment on the thought and creation of Western Europe; remarkable for its internationally renowned monumental heritage and for the  quality of its urban sites, it is considered an expression of human creative genius”. UNESCO

Loire valley


         Joachim Du  Bellay


Happy who, like Odysseus , has had a good journey,
Or like the one who conquered the fleece,
And then returned, full of use and reason,
Live between his parents the rest of his age!

When will I see again, alas, from my little village
Smoking the chimney, and in what season
Will I see again the enclosure of my poor house,
Who is a province to me, and much more?

The more I like the abode that my ancestors built,
That of Roman palaces the daring brow,
I like fine slate more than hard marble

More my Gallic Loire, than the Latin Tiber,
More my little Liré, than the Palatine Hill,
And more than the sea air, the Angevine sweetness .





   The Loire , royal river,  is the only one in Western Europe that has never been channelled, which has earned it the name of "Europe's last wild river".

Anjou is full of  historic towns and villages, as well as great architectural monuments :  castles, abbeys, churches...

   The vineyard of Anjou and Saumur is the 3rd wine region of France. The 20,000 hectares of Maine-et-Loire vineyards offer a wide variety of wines: white, red, rosé, dry,

off-dry, with fine bubbles , soft.

    First French horticultural department , Anjou is today recognized throughout the world for the quality of its productions and the beauty of its parks.


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